Design a piece of the fraternal twin home - the left side door, window, and facade.

I wonder if I borrowed lines from the existing model if it would still match up with everyone else's interventions? That could be a good place to start. Sketch out a pattern that could come from those lines, play with the angle, make the door relate to the window, change panel direction in different parts to carry the eye across, and read continuity and overlaps between zones. The 2" contours I tested for the panels actually fit perfectly, so lets just stick to using every other panel instead of adding thin little gaps between each one. And keep all the moves flat for now, there's no need to eat up the deck space. Maybe start extending some of those lines to blur the edges, but no that'll take two hours itself to resolve well. Just keep it simple, keep it believable, and subtle. Something you might not notice on first glance, but when you do, the eye wanders with ease.