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Beautifully Brown

Temporal Garden reimagines the block of Samuel Powel School and forms a community alliance that supports artistic expression, ecological education, and an expanded perception of greenspace. A library addition and niches in the surrounding garden fosters a curriculum of ecological learning, impromptu gathering, and unprescribed play. Two wood structures house private creative studios, art classrooms, and exhibition spaces to support the practices of local artists, and create new opportunities for engagement between the neighborhood and the arts. The site is connected by an immersive landscape that embraces the garden's full lifespan, including it’s periods of dormancy, decay, brown-ness, and regrowth. The project proposes these community involvements and re-allocations of value to promote shared stewardship, an alternative to the burdensome and costly maintenance of "perfect" greenspace, and hopes to nurture tighter bond between plants, people, and the communities they grow in.

Bryony Roberts Radical Play Advanced Studio
University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design

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