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Softly Neutral

Idyllic Figures proposes a new soil analysis and crop hybridization facility that investigates the use of interlock as an estrangement technique, that when implemented as ground, material, surface, line, and volume, seeks to confound the boundaries between these conditions. We used implied geometric articulations of separate parts to suggest an unfixed disposition, that at some points match seamlessly and at other moments are misfit to create a difficult interlocked whole. A similar logic is applied to materiality, subtlety distorting familiar textures so the overlap of these two systems of interlock creates a hybridized materiality, where textures at times smear across an implied division of parts. Site and ground also use similar techniques of interlock to displace inside and outside conditions across the site.

Nate Hume & Gabe Esquivel T4T Lab with Finn Rotanna, Ray Gonzalez, and Lauren Miller
Texas A&M College of Architecture

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