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Both And titles the objects and images produced in preliminary exercises for the T4T Lab with Nate Hume investigating between volume, geometry, and materiality. the first is a look at creating a spatial knot at the intersections of planar elements, blurring the lines between the ambiguously dimensional edges of the frame and the three dimensional spaces created at their intersection. The black series are ensembles created from objects generated from the orange series, looking for dynamic compositions between the separate parts that fluctuate between being read as apart of the same piece, and separate. The orange series are a number of objects created using a highly controlled set of manipulations to primitive shapes in an attempt to remove the digital trace. They are designed to play with the boundaries between outline and volume, and evoke qualities present in physical objects, such as machines and toys.

T4T Lab with Nate Hume & Gabe Esquivel
Texas A&M College of Architecture

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