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Fully Saturated

The market for the sale, production, and research of fermented goods interrogates a dull, regressive, or decayed notion of the aging process via manipulations of urban artifacts, composition, program, and materiality. Fermentation is one of the oldest and most widespread methods of food preservation, cultivating compelling avenues for innovation in the culinary industry today, as a ground for developing new flavor profiles and hybridizing microorganisms and climate, complicating definitions of authenticity. Overgrowth is used as a material translation of fermentation to the scale of a building and embodies sensory qualities parallel to fermentation that are estranged through color and growth pattern to act between natural and synthetic. The market asks for an inversion to a perception of aging, as an agent responsible for the most valued delicacies we know today, that crosses cultural boundaries and exemplifies the growth, progress, and complexity accumulated over time.

Andrew Saunders Urban Relief Studio
University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design

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