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The project is an aggregation study created during the second two week summer session of Digiblast at PennDesign. The PS1 proposal stems from a planar exploration of spheroid joints, which permit a radial range of motion that is less inhibitive than traditional jointery. The aggregation is composed of three parts that when combined create units operating as both components of a ball and socket joint, and are assembled to create the primary structure of the pavilion. The ground uses extrusions of these components arranged as extensions of the pavilion to define the space of the PS1. The main pavilion is a steel construction, with the ground composed of both steel and concrete parts. Rather than having the proposal overtake the site of the PS1, textures from the adjacent brick buildings bleed onto the ground condition.

Digiblast 2 Workshop with Ezio Blasetti and Danielle Willems
University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design

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