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Collage Whitney uses the language of collage to engage the ongoing evolution of the former Whitney museum, a building designed alien to its context despite being wholly submissive to it throughout its history. The project began by translating choreographed images of nature into new relationships with the Whitney through collage, a process that reinforces a semi-fictional and non-linear portrayal of the building’s history. The new addition emerges continuously from the Whitney’s own mass, as though history proved there was no direction left to expand but up. The exhibitions inside showcase defamiliarized displays of nature and immersive projected art. The project encourages visitors to recontextualize their relationship with nature beyond anthropocentric perceptions, and recontextualize the former Whitney Museum and its autonomy and influences within its own urban context.

Miroslava Brooks Museum Hybrid Studio with Sami Samawai
University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design

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