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Do something to the duck.

I don't really want to do anything to the duck. What's the point in changing our subject, why not change the things around the little guy instead, that's what architects are supposed to do is it not? I like rubber ducks, they've got plenty to work with without making them into something else. Does the rubber duck dream of the vibrant outdoor landscape its carbon based counterpart inhabits, from his artificially lit fiberglass bathtub? Maybe. Any creature confined to such a small fragment of space, with bathers using him to act out epic adventures of an outside world must wonder what exists beyond that little door. I took this exercise as a speculation into the space a rubber duck might dream about inhabiting. Something bright, and new, foreign and exciting. But also familiar, with little pieces of home to put the duck at ease.

I might be projecting tho, I never really asked the duck.

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