Photograph a world from your new interior reality

What do I have on my shelf? I have a mirror, that could be a cool effect. I like the texture of the little cast sculpture Finn gave everyone from T4T. The green hair towel could be a fun landscape at the back. I just bought a rose face roller, lets lay that into the towel for depth. I saw an image of a perfect cube of stone emerging from rocky cliffs one time, so add the translucent Rubik's cube to the towel too. The mirror is looking kinda bland, spray some water on it to get some distorted reflections. Oh bingo! I have a bunch of Emergen-C these days, that'll create pockets of land and foam in the foreground of this 1' x 1' ocean. The orange color should play well with the rest of the scene too. I like this world, its vibrant, alive colorful, and absolutely physical. So much magic lives in the little world that now surrounds, if we only take a look.